Smartphone accessory design gives you a grip and stand in one

Some use their smartphones simply as devices to make calls or browse through their social media when they have nothing better to do. But some have made their mobile devices as their secondary (or primary) work or leisure device and so they need several different accessories to attach or use with it other than just holding it and swiping through stuff. Smartphone holders and stands are always a necessity so we’re always on the lookout for new designs and concepts connected to this.

Designer: Unichest

The Linkori is a smartphone accessory that is attached to the back of your mobile device and serves as a holder and grip. It is 7mm thin (or thick, depending how you feel about things attaching to your phone) and can extend to a length of 30cm when unfolded. You can extend the accessory to three different “stages”, depending on how you want to use your smartphone for various purposes, whether taking a video call, sending emails, or streaming on Netflix.

The accessory also comes with a smart ring that serves as a grip talk for those who prefer to have a better, well, grip on their smartphone. The cover is made from ABS plastic which gives off “glassy” vibes while inside, the Linkori is made with aluminum 6063 which is strong enough to support the smartphone it is attached to. The internal rail structure has several springs and pins to support it, with a stationary shaft to stabilize when used as a stand.

If you like your smartphone to be light and thin, this accessory may not be for you as it adds a certain bulk to your device even though it’s only 7mm. But if you want to be able to use your mobile device as a mini workstation or to make it more convenient to watch your shows or videos, this may be something you’d like to consider.