Pad & Quill leather accessories for Apple products live on in new brand

The design and especially the price of Apple’s devices easily mark these products as luxurious goods. Thus it’s not that unusual for owners to be overprotective of their expensive investments, covering them up with protective cases that sometimes trade style for protection. Fortunately, there is a class of accessories that actually add even more class to these devices, particularly through the use of luxurious materials like leather. For more than a decade, the name “Pad & Quill” became synonymous with these leather accessories, offering elegant protection for Apple’s premium products, but it, unfortunately, had to file for bankruptcy last year. The name might be gone, but its legacy now lives on in a new brand from the same founder, continuing the practice of delivering high-end leather products to match your equally high-end iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

Designer: Brian Holmes

Nothing says stylish luxury better than leather. There will always be arguments regarding the way it’s sourced and produced, but there’s little debate that the material is immediately associated with premium products. Some smartphones even try to ride on that trend by slapping some vegan leather on their backs, but the real deal is harder to pull off unless it’s on an accessory.

Pad & Quill is a name that Apple fans have looked to when it comes to those leather accessories, but due to the recent pandemic, the business had to close down a few months ago. That’s not to say there’s no longer a market for premium leather Apple accessories, just that the brand folded due to circumstances. Thankfully, P&Q’s founder isn’t calling it quits and has started a new endeavor with a new name but with the same mission.

Burton Goods will continue the legacy of offering high-quality leather cases for Apple’s latest products. It isn’t just about using leather, though, and the brand is promoting its precision craftsmanship, attention to detail, and practical functionality alongside the material. Of course, these accessories also serve to protect your precious Apple devices while also being durable products themselves.

At the moment, Burton Goods’ selection of products is limited to Apple’s latest models, from the iPhone to the iPad Pro to the MacBook Pro to even the Apple Watch. There are also plans to include leather bags that will bring these all together, but the exact timeline for their appearance has yet to be revealed. The revival of Pad & Quill’s spirit does also resurrects the question of the sustainability of genuine leather, and it might be a good opportunity for this niche market to reassess that aspect of luxury for the sake of future generations.