This trendy duffel backpack will be your ultimate travel partner

People have been enjoying traveling and going outdoors again to the point that “revenge travel” has become a trend. Whether you’re traveling out of town for a few days or simply packing for a trip to a sports complex, having a dependable bag is essential in making your trip free from stress and worry. Buying a bag can be an adventure in itself when you’re trying to pick one that can maximize storage without sacrificing usability and aesthetics. Often you have to sacrifice one or the other to reach an acceptable compromise. A good-looking bag that can meet all your travel needs might sound like fantasy, but that’s exactly the kind of experience promised by this durable duffle bag and backpack in one.

Designer: DM Supply

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Different people have different travel needs. Actually, even the same person might have different needs and requirements depending on the type of travel their doing. There is really no one size that fits all, but there are designs that definitely come close to that ideal situation.

When traveling with sports equipment or clothes for a few days, duffle bags and backpacks are the go-to solutions. The Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack offers both in the same bag, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the flexibility that this travel essential has to offer.

For example, many travel-oriented bags have a dedicated pocket for shoes or dirty clothes. More often than not, however, you can’t use the same pocket for both purposes. Blackbriar’s solution is so genius in its simplicity that you’re left wondering why it isn’t more common. This duffel backpack has two such compartments on opposite ends of the bag, allowing you to store two pairs of shoes, shoes and dirty clothes, or just dirty clothes. That way, you don’t have to compromise on storage because your bag doesn’t offer you that flexibility.

You might think that having two such compartments can be a waste of space, but that’s hardly the case. The shoe pockets can fold neatly out of the way if you don’t need them, but they also have another function that you won’t see in other bags. Those pockets can become dividers to create sections inside the bag, thanks to a patented S-Partition design. Thanks to this unique feature, you no longer need to use a bag organizer that only takes up precious space inside.

The Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack also has all the bells and whistles you’d want from a travel bag. The three-tiered structure of its fabric not only protects it from water and scratches but also helps preserve its shape.

A magnetic main pocket makes it easy to open the bag, while zippers allow you to safeguard the contents inside when traveling under heavy conditions. Mesh pockets inside let you stash big and small objects, while a dedicated laptop pocket can be accessed both from the outside as well as from the inside.

With all these features and a flexible configuration, it might come as a shock that the Duffel Backpack comes with a $169 price tag only. Throw in another $10 add-on, and you’ll be able to grab the shoulder straps that can help distribute the weight of the load across your whole body. Whether it’s for short trips or long ones, the Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack offers the flexibility you need to adapt to your situation while also looking stylish along the way.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $259 (35% off). Hurry, only 325/400 left!