This minimal steel side table will instantly uplift your home without drawing too much attention

I find side tables to be extremely adorable, to be honest. They’re never the center of attraction, always come second to coffee tables, and yet manage to provide great functionality without a single complaint. They also subtly cozy up against a wall in your home, occupying minimum space while offering maximum value. This last trait is gaining more and more importance since space constraint is becoming an increasingly popular issue in modern homes. We’ve seen quite a few innovative side tables – from the Winding side table that doubles up as a stool and features a ‘nose’ to a side table that also functions as a bookshelf. Another side table to join the league is the TO side table.

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa designed this minimal and unassuming side table for the Italian design brand Plank. But it is that very minimal and unassuming nature of TO that makes it quite unique and an eyecatcher. Constructed from three simple shapes, TO was created to pair up with Plank’s comfy-looking LAND lounge chair, as well as other furniture pieces that are versatile enough to be placed in different settings – whether it’s an office space, a home, or a public place. Crafted from steel, the tiny table has a very clean and sharp aesthetic that perfectly complements Plank’s sophisticated range of furniture.

“The structure was meant to be traditional and clean and create impact by the simplicity of the design,” said Fukasawa.

A humble O-shaped top is mirrored by an O-shaped bottom, with a long T column in between them, to support and hold them together. All the different components measure 4 millimeters in thickness, thus giving the design a very precise and harmonious form. It’s the kind of furniture piece that you could place into any room of your home, and it would instantly uplift it, without coming off as loud and obnoxious. It could merge with the interiors of any home, while also making its presence quite clear.

TO is available in four color options – agate grey, quartz grey, black red, and black. Boasting a powder-coated finish, the TO is the perfect addition to your modern millennial home, if you’re on the hunt for a humble table that is a style statement, and does its job!