Expandable Transformable Table Deluxe!

So you’ve got a tiny apartment (like me!) and every inch counts. Every time you think about getting a new bit of furniture, you’re is scuffed! There’s no more room! But you’d like a small table for day-to-day mail-placement needs, a desk for working, and a large table for guests! You need to energize the size of the space you’ve got already – you need basically what’s going on right here in transformer form: “Stella,” the table that just does so many different things!

What designer Cecilia Olsson has done here is make this table not only expandable, but transformable. Have the need for a tiny table? Done. Need to work at a desk that’s just a little lower than the table? Check. Having a few guests over for fine-china dining? Got it.

There are several parts to this design, the table and the inserts being all of them, basically. The entire thing is made of metal bars, a couple screws, painted oak, and laminate.

Designer: Cecilia Olsson

Stella expandable and transformable table by Cecilia Olsson