This simplified cooking curifier absorbs oil fumes for easy desktop cooking

Not all apartments or condominium units have proper ventilation, especially in the kitchen (if there’s a kitchen at all). So during the pandemic when a lot of people were stuck in their places and were cooking inside these spaces, the air, smell, and cleaning all of that became a problem. There are now a lot of devices and gadgets that try to solve this issue for desktop cooking since a lot of people are still choosing to cook for themselves rather than eat out or have food delivered.

Designers: Hong-Ta Shen, Yan-Ton Chen, Tsung-Yu Wu & Yu-Ting Chang

The Kokãir Cooking Curifier is a device that you use with your desktop cookers if the room you’re cooking in doesn’t have proper ventilation. It is able to absorb the fumes when you’re cooking with oil. There is an internal fan cyclone that uses centrifugal force to collect the oil into a cup underneath for easy disposal and cleaning later on. The oil fumes go through the HEPA filter for cleaning. This will be a huge help especially when you cook a lot in your small space.

The cooking curifier actually looks like a smart speaker if you didn’t know what it was at first glance. It’s small enough that it will not crowd your desktop cooker whether you place it on the side or above the cooker, depending on where you have space or where you need it to absorb the oil fumes. The controls seem to be easy enough to manage, with the power button and the plus and minus buttons beside each other on top of the device.

While there are several air purifiers specifically made from the kitchen, most of them are pretty big and may not be perfect for desktop cooking. Some will use just a “regular” air purifier so this product concept may be more useful for cooking purposes.