This sushi mat inspired chopping board rolls up to occupy less space in your kitchen

A folding chopping board is more genius than you’d think! Imagine this… the board occupies the same amount of space as a rolling pin, but just when you need it, open it out and it unfolds into a beautiful surface to prep your veggies, chop up some fruits, or even butcher your meat. Plus, the mat curves up as you lift it, making it much easier to empty your chopped/diced/julienned food into a saucepan or skillet!

The uniquely flexible Trebonn Roll mat is made of two parts. Individual vertical strips made from a knife-friendly polymer, connected together by a flexible, food-grade, dishwasher-friendly silicone mat. The silicone is responsible for the mat’s hinges, and a magnetic closure at one end lets you snap the mat shut in place. Open it out and the mat unfolds to reveal a flat cutting surface… just make sure your knife-work isn’t parallel to the silicone hinges (you don’t want to accidentally cut the hinges through and through). Once you’re done cutting and chopping, the mat’s flexible design makes it easy to collect all your chopped bits and pour them into your crock pot, saucepan, skillet, or mixing bowl. The mat’s easy to clean – it rinses under tap water, or conversely, you could just place it in the dishwasher with the rest of your cutlery. When you’re done, it rolls right up into a nice scroll that fits right in one of your kitchen drawers, occupying a mere fraction of the space any regular cutting board would!

Designer: Rich Clough for Trebonn