Gravity Assisted Food Prep

GRAVITY represents a shift away from processed packaged foods, towards healthy raw ingredients and making your own meals. The objective is to help children adopt improved eating habits and attitudes towards nutrition at a young age so they are able to maintain a healthy diet in later life. Its mix and measure system facilitates new experiences with food, educates about common preparation methods, ingredients and practices. Combining separate ingredients through gravity assisted mixing is a novel approach to baking or cooking for the child.

The ingredients in the cup drop into the bowl through an intuitive twist action. The twisting form of the cups is a visual cue alluding to a twist interaction. Incorporating elements of play, the bowl can be mixed actively by spinning or shaking on a curved base. The advantage is in the ability for parent and child to measure, mix and test food combinations together, ensuring experimentation and exploration with food as a joint activity. The ability to measure an ingredient before combining into a mixing bowl teaches the child about portion size and quantity.

Gravity Food Preparation System is a James Dyson ADA Entry.

Designer: André Taris