This portable dry room keeps your home and pets hygienic during quarantine

Quarantining with pets has its pros and cons, it is emotionally comforting to have your pet around during these hard times but it is also a task to switch their entire routine indoors especially if you have a dog. The isolation is an adjustment for every living being and we all have to find hacks around what used to be ‘normal life’. I have a dog and every time I gave him a bath, I would take him out for a quick walk so the sun would dry his coat and warm him up. Being under lockdown means I cannot step out often but I still have to bathe and dry my dog and would prefer if my apartment didn’t end up smelling like wet fur…you know what I mean! Enter – Cozypet Dryroom and by the end of this, you are going to want one in a human size, trust me.

If you have a small to medium pet (yes, even a Malamute is a puppy but let’s be real for a second), then Cozypet Dryroom is exactly what you need for rainy days and quarantine days. It is a quick and efficient way to dry your pet after bath time. The appliance has a cylindrical design which lets the air from the twin fans flow effectively and evenly. Most of us believe that letting our pets air-dry indoors is not an issue, but in fact, it is not healthy for you or your pet. Keeping the fan or air conditioning on when your pets’ coats are still damp can make them fall sick and also leave an unpleasant smell in the house. The Cozypet Dryroom solves these issues by 1) being fast 2) maintaining hygiene and 3) being gentle when compared to a using a blow dryer (I know some of you geniuses must have thought of that alternative).

Usually, at pet care centers, the dry rooms are larger but if you are living in an apartment or do not use pet care centers all the time, then having this compact device will save you a lot of personal resources especially if you have multiple pets to care for (time, energy, money, and space to be exact). The design is sleek and minimal so it can fit with any interior style and won’t take up more than a small corner. Unlike traditional boxy pet dry rooms, the Cozypet brings a refreshing new shape to your home. Its form is like a stool so it doesn’t stick out in your space and blends with the furniture. With the clear door, it almost looks like your furry friend’s personal sauna room. To me, it looks like a cozy nook that gets your pet all warm and ready to cuddle – I truly wish they make one for people too!

Designer: Ryan Kim, Yeaji Hong, and Ffon Creatives.