This Leica-inspired camera is a minimal + eco-friendly device with an old-school charm

There was a point in time when DSLRs reigned supreme, and when carrying a camera by your side was a matter of pride rather than an inconvenience. Nowadays, with smartphone photography rapidly taking over the world, the need to carry or own even a camera has heavily subsided. However, the simplicity and beauty of those good old days is something technology can never replace. If you’re someone who loves taking a trip down memory lane, and still maintains a soft spot for cameras in your heart – then the Paper Shoot camera could be the one for you.

Designer: Paper Shoot

Inspired by the Leica camera, the Paper Shoot is a delicate gadget with a card-like exterior, and a thin digital camera running down its center. The pocket-sized camera is built from eco-friendly materials, making the product a pretty sustainable one. It has only one button – which functions as the On/Off, and shutter button, allowing the camera to maintain a minimal and uncomplicated form. It features a 16MP sensor and has been amped with automatic exposure compensation, and white balance.

The adorable device can record 1080p videos for up to 10 seconds. It even has four color filters for you to get creative with! So, you can click pictures in black and white, sepia, as well as a blue tone, besides your normal colored effect. It also supports Standard and WiFi SD cards up to 32GB.

Much like its aesthetics, the features of the Paper Shoot Camera are pretty simple and sweet, however, the true star of the camera are its old-school charm and delicate beauty. It’s a great option to capture your favorite moments on, especially when you’re taking a break from your smartphone. It’s a smart and fun way to reduce your screen time and dampen your reliance on your smartphone.