This cubic Japanese memo pad is the perfect platform to unleash your creativity on

All of us experience distractions at one time or another, sometimes even more than we can actually handle. Some of those distractions come from external sources, like a co-worker dropping by to have a word. Other times, we are betrayed by our own brains that try to push ideas to the forefront when we don’t need them yet. In both cases, the simplest and most effective way to get back into the zone is to write down whatever comes to mind or to our attention the moment it arrives. That would, of course, presuppose that you have something to write those thoughts on, something you’ll be sure to be able to retrieve later on when you do need those ideas. That’s where this beautifully minimalist Japanese paper Memo Block comes in, providing a temporary shelter for those itinerant thoughts of yours.

Designer: Tenkei Project for Ito Bindery

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In an age where a smartphone is almost always nearby, some might brush off the need for a dedicated paper pad to write things down in a snap. Given how most phones work, however, it takes more than just a few seconds to unlock the phone and get to your favorite note-taking app. Your computer might not even be available at that moment, so typing it out might not work either. Both devices also offer plenty of distractions, and you might find yourself getting sidetracked by other thoughts even before you could type the first one. In both cases, the best solution is one that has existed for centuries and has almost no opportunity to get in your way.

There is nothing more welcoming and more freeing than a blank sheet of paper that’s ready to record those fleeting thoughts, flashes of inspiration, or even tasks that were suddenly dumped on your lap. With no other markings, not even grids or lines, this white Memo Block lets you focus on the simplest task at hand, jotting that note down before you get distracted again. And with its smaller footprint, it’s easy to put a block of paper anywhere on your desk, in any position or orientation, so that it will always be within easy reach when your Muse or your colleague visits you.

The Memo Block Black has the same properties but adds a little extra, especially for creatives. Its pure black surface challenges the mind as if daring it to put an unconventional and exciting new thought on paper. It also adds a bit of flair to your notes, too, since you’ll be using ink that’s quite different from the one you use for mundane writing. Plus, the memo pad itself radiates personality, defying the usual conventions of memo blocks that come in white or bright colors.

Both white and black Memo Blocks use high-quality Japanese paper revered by many stationery connoisseurs. Its smooth texture and durability generate both comfort as well as confidence in use, transforming the act of writing from something mechanical to something enjoyable and almost meditative. The recycled cardboard base offers a pleasant contrast to the paper’s colors and brings stability to the pad so it won’t be sliding around when you write on it. A perfect companion to our Japanese Drawing Pad, this Memo Block will look at home on any desk while also giving a temporary home to those transient notes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $18