Want a quick power nap at work? This clever chair will help you catch a few winks

Exhaustion is an epidemic. A staggering 62% of adults worldwide struggle with sleep deprivation, leading to a domino effect on health and productivity. Enter the Power Nap Chair, a revolutionary furniture design that tackles this challenge head-on.

Designed by Martin Tsankov, the idea of the Power Nap Chair came from his friend and business partner Milen Kisov, who discovered that power naps helped significantly boost his productivity at work. Scientifically proven to enhance cognitive function, memory, and cardiovascular health, short 15-30 minute naps are a game-changer. But finding a suitable space for napping at work has traditionally been a hurdle. Existing solutions like sleeping pods are bulky and expensive (not to mention that most offices don’t have them), and napping at your desk isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s also frowned upon… but the Power Nap chair offers a slick, cozy, and effective alternative.

Designers: Martin Tsankov & Milen Kisov

Sort of like a lounge chair meets a baby stroller, the Power Nap Chair comes with a relaxing design that you can lay down in, and a hood that cocoons you in your own personal private bubble. Simplicity reigns supreme – the chair is free of distracting technology, fostering complete disconnection. This makes it perfect for both open-plan offices and compact workspaces. Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of the chair. Carefully chosen, fully recyclable materials are used throughout, minimizing environmental impact.

The Power Nap Chair is built with three core components: a metal frame, an upholstered wooden body, and a foldable hood. The frame is crafted from machine-bent and powder-coated carbon steel profiles, echoing the chair’s triangular design for a sturdy foundation. The body is constructed from 104 individual CNC-milled birch plywood triangles, meticulously hand-sanded, and finished with non-toxic linseed oil. Each triangle is then encased in flame-resistant, biodegradable memory foam before being upholstered in a comfortable woolen fabric. The hood, made from the same fabric, is specially designed to fold for easy storage while providing essential privacy for napping users.

“Our main challenge is reversing societal stigma around resting in the workplace by creating a product fit for a modern lifestyle where relaxation and productivity intersect,” says designer Martin Tsankov, who won an A’ Design Award this year for the Power Nap Chair. The chair looks inviting, comfortable, and has a unique low-poly aesthetic that your eyes are sure to fall in love with right before they shut for your quick nap. The chair holds a design patent, although it isn’t in production just yet. A final prototype was, however, exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2024.