OmiSonic’s versatile ultrasonic washing machine is the size of a bar of soap

I’m not the guy to knock washing machines. I think they’re pretty dope, and they get the job done… and I’m not really an early adopter of the pocket, ultrasonic washing machine trend just yet, but I honestly think they make some compelling arguments.

The OmiSonic is a washing machine that’s virtually the same size as a bar of soap. If you were to ask yourself what a washing machine truly was, the simplest definition is, that it’s a machine that uses turbulence, water, and a soap/detergent to rinse clothes. Take that definition and condense it down, and you’ve got something like the OmiSonic. It doesn’t use an agitator, a drum, or a lot of power. It relies on a small-but-powerful ultrasonic vibrator to agitate the water at incredibly high speeds, allowing small bubbles to scrub any dirt off your soiled clothes, even reaching small corners and crevasses to get that tough dirt out. In its incredibly handy avatar, the OmiSonic is portable, uses less water + electricity, and is completely wireless. It can be used to clean small batches of clothes, jewelry, cutlery, or even scrub dirt/chemicals off your fruits and veggies, both indoors or outdoors.

OmiSonic comes as a small, monolithic palm-sized device. Designed to be waterproof, the device doesn’t have any controls of its own, and is completely wireless. Instead, it runs via the OmiSonic app that allows you to switch on or off the washing machine, as well as select from multiple different washing profiles, be it for clothes, for fruits, or even for jewelry. Through the app, the OmiSonic adjusts its intensity as well as wash time. All you do is place it in a vessel of water along with the item that needs cleaning, and the OmiSonic does the rest! OmiSonic even comes with a unique paper-detergent to help with getting those stains or dirt out!

Its soap-shaped avatar is just visually apt and makes it synonymous with cleaning! The OmiSonic comes with a proprietary dock for charging it, and runs for as long as four washes on a full charge, handling up to 4.4lbs of clothes per wash. In its small, portable form, the OmiSonic is perhaps a washing machine in the truest sense. It washes clothes, jewelry, acts as a dishwasher, can scrub your fruits and veggies, cleanse your spectacles, and even handle delicates like your baby’s clothes or items. Using ultrasonic waves to vibrate dirt and bacteria off your belongings, the OmiSonic does the job as well as, if not better than, your hands, or your standard washing machine… and manages to get the job done with as much as 1/10th of the required water!

Designer: OmiSonic Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $128 $239 (46% off!). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $128 $239 (46% off!). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!