This transforming Audi roadster morphs into a Segway-like city commuter

The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing at a fast pace, and there’s no stopping the menace anytime soon. That’s why much emphasis has been on the personal commuter and shape-shifting vehicles which can cater to the driving and traffic conditions.

Yet another concept from this school of thought is the Audi Vista, designed to go from a full-blown roadster (with no retracting roof, mind you) to a more compact commuter on demand. The latter holds merit for crowded cities and tough parking spots. Even more so, when there’s only a couple navigating around the city in this niche Audi roadster.

Designer: Hyunsik Moon

This transforming electric vehicle makes use of Audi Quattro technology to bring forth these two varying experiences. There are four exposed seats on the Audi Vista for the driver and passengers to enjoy the open views while traveling. This however will not be the preferred mode of transport in inclement weather conditions. Driving input is done via a central console which is as simple as moving one hand for everything right from accelerating to braking. Of course, there’s the autonomous mode tracking to prevent the consequences of any unintended inputs.

In the Segway mode up to two riders can travel in the city in standing mode. So, it’s strictly for short trips to the grocery store or at maximum stretch, an evening skirmish to the outskirts of city limits. The transition from the Roadster mode to the Segway mode takes mere seconds, which is a good option to have when you get stuck amid city accident chaos.

Hyunsik imagines this off-beat design in a bunch of peppy colors to appeal to the next-gen riders, but will it be practical enough for real-life scenarios? Instances when the riders want to have shade above their heads or feel cozy when relentless rain is jarring the cityscape?