This origami-style fashionable helmet folds flat like paper to be stored conveniently in the backpack

Another day, another folding helmet!

Foldable helmets have grown into a trend we’re constantly following – as helmets become necessary for bikers and electric kickboarders in almost all countries across the globe – yet nothing really tends to stick to the mind as a definite solution. As a biker, you would have seen this helmet that collapses in two halves to save space or this one that folds to a 50 percent smaller size than the original volume.

Now there is another entrant coming in from a South Korean company called Nature Mobility, which intends to disrupt a biker’s daily life. From how it appears, the Raba helmet is meant to fold flat, like a sheet of paper, to be placed in the handbag. Making life exceptionally convenient for daily commuters who struggle with their helmets after locking up their bikes at the stand. With the stylish Raba, you’ll not have to think. The decision is made the moment you put it on: when you take it off, simply fold the hive structured helmet flat and pop it conveniently into your backpack.

Designer: Nature Mobility

As transportable as it can get, the easy-to-store Raba helmet is also as comfortable and substantially protective. The helmet inspired by the honeycomb structure features individual components supporting each other to fold down flat without a twitch. Nature Mobility introduced the foldable helmet on the crowdfunding platform Wadiz but it was the recognition at the Red Design Awards that propelled Raba’s international fanfare as a complete foldable helmet that gives both the wearing type and the folding type helmets stiff competition.

The 410g helmet uses PC/ABS material construction on the exterior and nice foam cushioning on the inside, which makes it comfortable and really protective. The exterior is impact and heat resistant and it has the same safety certification as traditional bicycle helmets. Durability is a concern with foldable helmets, the makers seem to have perfected the design for long shelf like: according to Nature Mobility, it has gone through 59 different prototypes over three years before arriving at the perfect design. This reflects in Raba’s ability to unfold within seconds to reduce its volume by 35 percent of its original stout self.