The Detroit Fish

Is Mickey Mouse the new head of Tang Hua motors or is it Goofy? Surely no one else would invest the necessary millions into producing these er… ambitious concepts. An Aston Martin they aren’t, but they are just begging for Xzibit to be pimped out. Possibly this is the market? They do get bonus points for being environmentally friendly though, and have the added functionality of being amphibious. This is great, because if you were to park anywhere near water in one of these you run the serious risk of drunken youths tossing it in for a swim. The open rear propeller may look dangerous to some, but it’s better than the big yellow pair of oars I was expecting. This is clearly a company to keep an eye on. Tang Hua Motors.


  • ModuleS says:

    ummmm is this for real? It’s great to keep pushing for a amphibious car but this design is targeting the wrong market. Think about it, it’s a cute design which is only going to attract the female market but as far as amphibious cars are concerned, only the male market would fork out the cash.

  • hairmare says:

    i for one welcome our new amphibious overlords 😉

  • Shiella says:

    The one with front sets only looks better design than the one with back seat.

  • Tablespoon says:

    It seems that the designers came up with the two-seater first and the execs wanted more… Unfortunate decision, the two-seater is quite nice. Why not ditch the amphibious idea and go for the compact car/inner city market?

    I applaud any company that expands the horizons a bit.

  • powers says:

    Ten years ago everyone was saying China would be here in five years. Five years ago everyone was saying they would be here in three. Well now they are here. And yet still so far away.

    You know, I don’t get it. Everyone is so scared of China. It’s as if Americans are giving up before we’ve lost. Now Boeing workers are balking at an 11% raise over three years, and claim that their deal doesn’t guarantee them job security. What? Pull your heads out of your asses and get to work! You are costing your company – YOUR COMPANY – Millions of dollars a DAY! If you thought you job was at risk before, how do you expect your company to recoup this loss?

    If we are going to compete with this nation – and we are – we need to compete smart and hard. maybe harder than we ever have before. And while there is still time. And there is. Really. Look at this stuff.

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Here in the U.S., we call that “Golf cart”. If the manufacturer wants to make money, now, he can offer them here for Golf clubs. We have here 3000 golf clubs, that would like to upgrade there carts within the next three to five years. Don’t count on selling it to the average American though. Here we “LOVE” big cars. If you want to give us a fuel-economy vehicle, it must be a pick-up truck, pretending to be a sedan (like the Toyota Prius). Beyond that, sorry. You wont find me driving this car on the road. Too dangerous around here, and cannot serve as the work horse car that we need in America (hint: we change residence a lot, thus carry furniture, and sometimes we need to live in our cars).

    Good product though, looks cool, I like it.

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