SHARGE Flow Mini Hands-On at CES 2024: A Tiny yet Mighty ‘Power Backpack’ for your Smartphone

Power banks have a reputation for being bulky. Nobody really likes carrying them in their pockets given how large and heavy they can be, which often means most power banks spend all their time inside backpacks and purses. The Flow Mini, from Sharge (formerly Shargeek) has a different story to tell. It’s extremely handy, with a compact design that fits into pockets and even around your belt loop (should you choose) and a 5000mAh battery that’s enough to charge your phone. It also boasts a nifty transparent outer design that makes it the kind of power bank you wouldn’t mind flaunting to people around you. Measuring just about as wide as your smartphone, the Flow Mini practically ‘piggybacks’ onto your smartphone’s form factor, blending right into its design in ways that most power banks don’t.

Designer: SHARGE

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Over the years, Sharge has pretty much nailed its core design DNA, focusing on functionality combined with a unique design that uses transparency to help create curiosity and a feeling of being able to see products for what they are. Sharge’s products aren’t for mere masses, they’re more aimed at people with a distinct penchant for design and power-use, as seen with their Shargeek 170, a whopping prism-shaped 170W charger with a transparent design and an LCD screen that lets you accurately measure the power output delivered to each port (along with things like battery percentage and other data-points). The Flow Mini, albeit too small to have its own display, comes with a transparent outer housing and a cylindrical base that’s reminiscent of pencil batteries or a roll of camera film (if you’re from that generation).

Designed to plug right into the base of your phone, it comes with an integrated port that lets the power bank itself attach to your device. This makes things a lot easier because you don’t need to hunt for a charging cable to connect your phone and power bank. However, the Flow Mini DOES have a cable that doubles as a lanyard or loop-grip when not actively in use.

The Sharge Flow Mini comes equipped with a tiny yet mighty 5000mAh battery that’s more than enough to take your dead smartphone from 0 to 100, or to juice your battery multiple times in the day for that extra boost.

The tiny design blends right into your phone’s overall form factor, allowing you to hold/ use your phone even with the Flow Mini attached. Perfect for people who prefer not carrying around a 10,000mAh brick along with them everywhere.

Given the fact that the world is still divided by USB-C and Lightning users (and will be for at least the next 4-5 years), the Flow Mini offers the option to alternate between USB-C and Lightning variants. The battery unit stays the same between both designs, with the only change being the primary port on the front. However, Sharge lets you detach the primary port and swap between USB-C or Lightning variants. Meanwhile, a lanyard/loop cable sits on the side, letting you charge another device simultaneously, or charge the Flow Mini itself by directly plugging it into a power outlet.

Th Flow Mini is Sharge’s smallest charger, but its size shouldn’t be taken for granted. While Sharge does make larger, powerful, and more feature-rich charging banks for the tech-nerd and power-user, the Flow Mini is perfect for on-the-go battery. In fact, the folks at Sharge call it your phone’s second battery, because plug it in place and it sits flush against your device, adding power to it without adding all that extra bulk and weight!

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