Fossil’s collab with STAPLE results in a uniquely retro-futuristic timepiece with a sundial and holograms

I assure you you haven’t quite seen a watch like this anywhere.

With a terrazzo finish on the outside and a holographic glass on the inside, Fossil’s latest collaboration with streetwear brand STAPLE is far from conventional, but it does celebrate both brands in its own unique way. The watch sports a sundial molded into its outer flap – a detail that Fossil popularized in the past, and right in the sundial sits a cutout of a pigeon in flight – the STAPLE logo.

“We are excited to partner with Jeff Staple, a streetwear pioneer, who shares the Fossil team’s love of product innovation,” says Melissa Lowenkron, General Manager of Fossil Brand. “Jeff’s creativity is inspiring, and our design team loved working with him to create a unique watch, digital smartwatch dials, and NFT for a new generation of Fossil fans, watch wearers and collectors.”

Designer: Jeff Staple for Fossil

Designed to be a memorable experience from the time you receive the watch to the time you wear it, the STAPLE x Fossil timepiece arrives to you in a dinosaur-ish egg (a fossil if you will) that you need to crack open to reveal the wristwatch inside. The watch is made from a rather unique terrazzo-patterned silicone material and is available in red, gray, and white finishes. Each terrazzo pattern is unique to the watch you own, making it one in a million.

The watch sits concealed under its silicone cover, which comes with a sundial design molded onto it. Sure, you could use the sundial to read the time, although it would be much easier to hit the button at the 3 o’clock position and pop open the cover to reveal the watch’s face below.

The watch face is itself designed to be hypnotic and alluring too. The glass which covers the dial comes with a holographic print that’s visible when the light shines on it at a certain angle As the light changes direction, the holograph moves too, creating a watch face that not just tells the time, it captivates with its vivid design and details. On the underside of the sundial lies the STAPLE logotype, embossed into plastic.

“The exclusive design mixes retro-futurism and mid-century elements in a nod to the history of both brands,” says Fossil. The watch, although with its terrazzo silicone housing, comes with a stainless steel caseback that’s designed to be 10ATM water-resistant. The rear of the timepiece reveals an exhibition back that lets you see its automatic movement, underneath the STAPLE pigeon logo screen-printed onto glass. The watch comes with matching terrazzo straps, although Fossil allows you to customize your timepiece with interchangeable 22mm straps too. The limited-edition collection starts at $280 while the additional straps go for $40, and are all available on Fossil’s website.