This Richard Mille homage watch comes with an iconic skeleton dial, but at just a fraction of the price

After making waves with its Archer series just last year, Japanese watchmaker Zerootime is back with its iconic, gorgeous skeleton timepieces. This time, the company isn’t just expanding on its Archer collection but is also simultaneously launching a Richard Mille homage watch called the Auriga, a Tonneau-shaped timepiece with a skeletal body and a mechanical heart. The watch pays a humble tribute to RM’s classic style while ensuring that people can buy well-crafted high-end timepieces without needing to mortgage their houses or break their 401K!

Designer: SYUU / Chief designer of ZEROOTIME

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The Auriga in Damascus steel.

The Auriga in 316L stainless steel case.

The Auriga M1 marks Zerootime’s second skeletal timepiece collection. While the Archer was more tourbillon-focused (some of them even had double tourbillons), Auriga delivers more on the promise of a great, slim, mechanical-driven skeleton timepiece. The name Auriga comes from its eponymous constellation. Also known as the charioteer, the constellation is made up of 6 stars oriented in a closed loop. The Auriga watch comes with screws strategically placed on the watch that line up with the constellation. This fun detail helped inform the watch’s captivating design!

Priced at just $344 USD (exclusively for YD readers), the Auriga M1 is your classic Richard Mille homage. The Tonneau shape really does its trick, and the M1’s ridiculously slim 3mm-thick movement (which sits between the M1’s front and back sapphire crystal panels) gives the watch an overall sleek design that’s difficult to take your eyes away from… even more so when you opt for the slightly more expensive M1D which comes with an exquisite damascus steel body, featuring a wavy texture that’s unique to each watch. Whether you choose the M1 or the M1D, the watches come in either black or blue, with interchangeable rubber and calf-leather straps. If, however, you want the added luxury of a timepiece with a spinning tourbillon, that’s where the Archer series comes in…

Zerootime began its Archer project back in mid-2021, designed around the principle of delivering high-end tourbillon-driven watches at affordable prices. The company realized this would only be possible if it did 2 things – build these incredibly intricate movements on their own, and entirely cut retail and third-party expenses by selling directly to patrons online. The Archer T5 is testament that this strategy paid off, given that this is their fifth model. Named after the bow-and-arrow symbol that’s integrated into the watch’s skeleton (the arrow is at the 3 o’clock position), the T5 comes with a beautiful flying tourbillon that hovers right in the negative space of the bow’s arc.

The T5 sports a domed sapphire crystal on its top that also curves around the edges to create an immersive transparent timetelling experience, making the T5 truly the cream of the crop. Each T5 is paired with a calf-leather strap, and comes in a choice of 3 rather striking watch body color combinations. You can opt for an all-black look, or spice things up with a black + rose gold inner frame. If you’re looking for something more captivating, the T5’s Silver and White dial combination really hits the spot., the entire watch’s most admirable feature is its price. Unlike a Richard Mille or a Breguet tourbillon that can cost over half a million of your fine American dollars, Zerootime’s Archer T5 timepiece with its flying tourbillon retails at $2370 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $344 $505 (32% off). Hurry, YD exclusive deal, only 20 left!