This striking mechanical watch is a fusion of modern design and ancient Egyptian mysticism

Some things seem to inspire awe and marvel just by their very nature, probably because of their sophisticated appearances or their otherworldly concepts. This list of things ranges from the mundane to the mystical, from the intricate machinery behind mechanical watches on one end to myths and legends of ancient cultures on the other. In most cases, these two opposite ends of the spectrum don’t exactly mix, except perhaps in some fictional setting. But when they do mix, they create a visual experience like no other, generating a unique aesthetic that enhances the sense of mystery and wonder behind ancient symbols and civilizations, just like this one-of-a-kind timepiece that feels like it’s calling forth the power of the gods to expose the mystery behind time, turning each tick and movement into a magical moment.

Designer: Jason Jiang

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If you’re in any way familiar with fictional stories involving treasure hunters who try to unlock ancient mysteries, you might have imagined or even seen how those long-forgotten sites would sometimes have mechanisms that seemed far too advanced for their ancient cultures. It’s this combination of mechanical marvels and ancient mysteries that has always captured the fancy of people for ages. It doesn’t matter if they’re historically inaccurate, it’s the power of story-telling that inspires and elevates the mind, almost like gazing at another plane of existence.

Triangle Seconds Hand – It resembles the Eye of Horus, an emblem of protection, luck and rejuvenation drawn from ancient Egyptian mythology.

It’s this kind of potent imagery that the Eye of Horus watch from the CIGA Design X Series tries to harness, blending Egyptian mythology and modern craftsmanship into a mesmerizing timepiece. The Eye of Horus has always enjoyed a special place in ancient Egypt and contemporary symbolism, representing power, luck, and rejuvenation, among other things. Embedded inside a triangle that also serves as the seconds hand, this powerful symbol becomes the visual and spiritual center of the watch, creating an air of mystery and spirituality, regardless of your beliefs.

Majestic Obsidian Crown – A unique and powerful symbol of transformation and healing properties.

Luminescent Glow – Makes the hands and indices glow mystic green bringing the Eye of Horus to life in the dark, and the diamond cuts on the dial offer a reflective shine from all angles in the light.

The watch’s back-to-front transparent design accentuates the timepiece’s otherworldly character, giving a 360-degree view of all the intricate machinery for everyone to see. The X-shaped skeleton perfectly complements the Eye of Horus, providing not only structural stability but also a path to guide the eyes towards the center of the watch where the mystical Eye sits. The black case, strap, and obsidian crown seemingly fade into the background, making the sophisticated machinery and design really pop out. Luminous green elements in the hands, scales, and the Eye give off an eerie glow that not only emphasizes the otherworldly character of the watch but also makes it effortless to tell the time in the dark.

Precision Crafted Automatic Movement

Of course, the Eye of Horus watch isn’t just a work of art, it’s also a reliable timekeeper as well with a movement frequency of 21,600 times per hour. The automatic mechanical movement offers long-lasting precision, thanks to CIGA Design’s first-ever custom-created Caliber CD 01 Movement that deviates for as low as 15 seconds every 24 hours and boasts a reserve power of approximately 40 hours. As a member of the X series, it incorporates a self-finding movement that recharges automatically as you wear it. Even with this kind of precision, the Eye of Hours barely makes a sound, but hold it close to your ear and listen closely to hear the mechanical song it creates deep within.

All those intricate components are housed inside a bioceramic frame, a material famed for its lightweight durability, and topped by a heat-hardened mineral glass that can easily withstand scratches and accidental bumps and drops. The skin-friendly silicone strap brings unparalleled comfort and durability, combining practicality and style in perfect harmony. And with a 3 ATM water resistance, the Eye of Horus can stand the passage of time and the wear and tear of daily life, achieving near-immortality like the Egyptian deity it is named after.

The watch’s exquisite mechanics are available in three color options of Black, Silver, and Rose Gold, letting you chose the style that best suits your tastes. With a body that’s only 47.3 x 48.0 12.1 mm small (without the crown) and weighing only 67.4g (with the 20mm strap), it feels as if it’s simply gently resting on your wrist. Timeless both in function and form, the CIGA Design X Series Eye of Horus watch lets you tell your hero’s story through a stunning timepiece that harnesses the power of myths and design.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $269 (26% off). Hurry, only 3 left!