This handcrafted wooden dock+tray gives you an elegant spot to charge your Apple products

There’s an undeniable simplicity and beauty to Yohann’s iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock+tray. Handcrafted from walnut wood (there’s a lighter, Oakwood variant too), the charging dock+tray takes into account the space it’s going to be kept in and adds a homely, classy touch to your wooden workdesk, bedside table, or coffee table.

The dock/stand’s choice of wood as a material gives it a classic appeal, making it look elegant even when it’s empty. The underlying tray provides a nice surface to keep your keys, USB sticks, and even AirPods; while channels running along its base you cleverly organize your charging cables. The stand’s waist provides the perfect place to stash/charge your Apple Watch, and the lightning port on the upper surface lets you easily dock your iPhone vertically, so you can charge it while you answer calls, view your calendar, attend conferences, or just browse through social media!

Designer: Yohann