Innovative measuring scale comes with a magnifying lens to make the numbers more visible

Although created as more of a child-centric piece of stationery, the Fun Sizes even has greater potential in the elderly space, allowing them to see numbers and markings without needing to squint or look closer!

Created by IU+ Design (the same folks who helped design the SwitchBot Curtain), Fun Sizes is a creative, quirky little measuring scale that’s modeled on a pair of calipers. Place an object between the calipers and pull them together and a nifty magnifying glass on the moving arm helps you read the final measurement on the scale. The fun/functional piece of stationery also won a Red Dot Design Concept Award last year.

Designer: IU+ Design

“Children between the ages of 3 and 8 are in the cognitive and exploratory stage of figure and size recognition”, says IU+ Design’s lead designer, Shen Jiye. “They don’t have many practical ideas about actual product size, and traditional vernier calipers designed for adults are not child-friendly.” Designed to be safe to operate and fun to use, the Fun Sizes ‘safety calipers’ help make the measuring process much more fun and lively. Plus, the magnifying lens adds a sense of discovery, as the number simply appears larger, making it easier and more enjoyable for young kids to look at the world more analytically!