This $99 gadget lets you voice-control your curtains – or even program to open automatically at sunrise

Meet the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2, a 2nd-gen IoT accessory that makes your curtains smart, allowing you to open or close them with your voice or an app. Designed to retrofit onto the existing SwitchBot Curtain device, allowing you to attach the device to virtually any curtain rod at home, this nifty gadget makes your smart home just a little bit smarter. When paired with the Rod 2, the SwitchBot Curtain can automatically open or close based on the time of the day and the amount of sunlight you need, or can even be configured to automatically make a room brighter when you’re hopping on a video call, or dark just before you’re sitting to watch a movie.

Designer: Wonder Tech Lab

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A Kickstarter success that went on to spawn a whole slew of smart-home gadgets, the SwitchBot Curtain debuted in 2019. The gadget also went on to win both the Red Dot Design Award in 2022 and Good Design Award in 2020, as well as become a finalist at the IDEA 2020 awards. It even raised nearly $1.5 million dollars for its simple, sophisticated, and universally appealing idea – machines play an integral role in how you start each day. A machine (your clock) wakes you up each day, a machine brews your coffee for you, and a separate machine toasts your slices of bread… so why not have a machine that opens the curtains each morning to have sunlight brighten up your room? The Rod 2 is an accessory that enables the SwitchBot Curtain to achieve this feat, automating your mornings and your life.

Features an All-new DynamiClamp Design – No need to worry about SwitchBot Curtain getting stuck when in use.

The Rod 2, as its name suggests, allows your SwitchBot Curtain to travel up and down curtain rods. Designed as an upgrade to its predecessor (the Rod V1), the Rod 2 comes with a better set of wheels to help it move up and down telescopic curtain rods with ease. The Rod 2’s wheel layout takes inspiration from an off-road car, mentions the SwitchBot design team, with wheels that are 1.6 times larger, helping it move up and down a curtain rod with ease. It even has a new independent flexible suspension system, letting it easily move over the small steps found on the junctions of telescopic rods.

An Even more Compatible Fit – Works on many different curtain rod types like Back Tap, Grommet, Tab Top, Ring Top.

Tab Top.

Ring Top.


Although small in size, SwitchBot Curtain can push up to 8kg (17lbs) worth of curtain.

Control via their App – Automate your curtains to have them open or close and a time you set.

Amazing Energy Saving Battery – Enjoy a huge 8 months’ worth of battery life, or even more when used with our solar charging panel to help your SwitchBot Curtain stay charged at all times.

SwitchBot Solar Panel is a great way to make sure SwitchBot Curtain is always charged.

The Rod 2 accessory works with the classic $99 SwitchBot Curtain. The overall device takes just seconds to install and works with practically every type of curtain rod/rail, as well as with 99% of curtain types (even double-sided ones). Once assembled, the SwitchBot Curtain packs enough pulling power to tug on curtains as heavy as 17 pounds, and comes with a built-in 3350 mAh battery and even an optional solar panel add-on to keep it working forever without you having to worry about charging it!

Click Here to Buy Now: $74.25 $99 (25% off with coupon code “25YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, sale ends June 2.