This tabletop gaming platform uses an iPad and NFC-based playing chips to create a fun learning experience

A screen-based game platform that’s still rooted in real life and tactile gaming.

Meet Rolling Seeds, a nifty little game that uses cutting-edge tech. A mixture of wordle, scrabble, crossword, roulette, and a bunch of other games, Rolling Seeds comes with NFC-based chips that you need to put into the ‘Smart Game Pot’. Roll the Seed in and the Pot reads the NFC tag, registering your move. Everything unfolds on an iPad or Android Tablet that docks right into the pot, and the Rolling Seeds app offers a wide variety of number, alphabet, and image-based learning games.

Designer: Kevin S. Cho

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Setting up and playing your Rolling Seeds is rather simple. First pair the iPad or Android Tablet with your Game Pot via Bluetooth and download the Rolling Seeds app. The app offers 20 different games to choose from, and the company mentioned that game updates and new games will always ensure a never-ending fun experience. The games require you to play by rolling seeds into the pot, with different Seeds (NFC discs) for different games. Rolling Seeds currently offers games like Crossword, Go Fish, Soccer, Roll of Fortune, and Spelling Master, among many others. The Game Pot accepts the tokens (or seeds) you put in, and a flip-out drawer lets you take out the seeds from inside once the game is over. The pot uses RFID to recognize the Seeds in real-time, working without any lag or delay. Designed also for the visually impaired, each Seed comes with Braille markings too, allowing everyone to enjoy while learning and playing!

Rolling Crossword – Plant the correct Seeds to answer the clues!

Spelling Master: Spell the words in this speed challenge!

Roll of Fortune: Spin the wheel and roll to win!

Rolling Soccer: Secretly shoot and guess correctly to save!

Rolling Spoon: Grab a spoon to survive!

A winner of both the iF Design Award and the Good Design Korea Award, Rolling Seeds aims at making games dynamic and fun, without relying entirely on a screen or on a physical device. This hybrid combines the tactile fun of picking up objects, evaluating them, and playing your turn, with the virtual fun of an online game filled with vibrant UI and animations that captivate the mind of children.

The prime objective, however, is always to build skills and help kids learn and grow. The device comes with a 1,800mAh internal Li-ion battery that powers the Smart Game Pot for up to 10 hours and is chargeable by USB-C. The Rolling Seeds app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free, while the physical game is available for a Super Early Bird discount of $99 on Kickstarter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $220 ($91 off). Hurry, only 34/50 left!