Inflatable Moon habitat complete with minilab and living space for two astronauts is ready for the future

Exploration of the moon is a global endeavor; every nation in some way or the other is involved in chalking out transportation modes to reach the celestial wonder. As an idea for the future, conceptual artist Jakub Pietryszyn has created an interesting concept of an expandable and inflatable Moon habitat.

The idea of a Moon habitat has been tinkered with by a few speculative designers/space architects in the past. One such concept that instantly strikes the mind is the origami-style tent for the moon. Whether you want to someday shift with your family and friends to the Moon and set up a solar-powered village there or you wish to sit back on the couch (on Earth) and inhabit the Moon in VR; all sorts of ideas are sprouting up by the day.

Designer: Jakub Pietryszyn

To that accord, this concept of a Moon habitat called BLOMPOD is not outright novel, but substantially elating. The idea of Pietryszyn’s minimalistic module is designed to be effortlessly transported to the Moon and once it has landed, it can then easily and instantly expand. Conceptualized for an upcoming space mission, the expandable and inflatable Moon pod can be unloaded with help of two rovers. When installed, the BLOMPOD – as the same suggests – begins to blossom. The fully-inflated surface of the pod is covered in Moon sand, while the well-protected, life-sustaining inner core houses the living area.

The BLOMPOD can accommodate at least two astronauts comfortably and fully inflated, it can also make room for various activities and programs onboard. From the designer’s vision, the base shield of this Moon habitat is made using regolith mixed with cement; the outer surface on the other hand features a regolith surface coated with Moon sand for protection against celestial radiation and other elements.

For the usage of space provided by the two shield layers, astronauts get a workspace equipped with minilabs laid out with computers and other equipment for on-site exploration and research within the outer core. The inner core is reserved for astronauts’ privacy wherein lies a sleeping area with a pair of beds, storage, a toilet with shower, and a kitchen beside a workout and social activity area. A complete living and working space for Moon exploration, the BLOMPOD as we said, is an exciting concept for the future!