Moonside’s latest modular smart lamp turns your wall into a living art installation

After two successful crowdfunding campaigns, Moonside is back with a third in their dynamic smart-lamp series – this time, their focus being on modularity. If you haven’t really heard of Moonside yet, think of them as a smart-bulb with the personality of a lava lamp. I went and even got myself a Moonside Neon Lighthouse earlier last year and it still faithfully sits beside my laptop, with its deliciously blended hue of colors that turn it into an instant mood-lifter.

Designer: ZK W

Click Here to Buy Now: 12 packs for $189 $396 ($207 off). Hurry, only 5 left!

The company’s products sit at the intersection of lighting, art, and smart IoT tech. The lamps that Moonside has made in the past are quite phenomenal to look at (their diffusion material is so well-calibrated that you don’t even see the individual LEDs behind it. You just see orbs of light that intersect with each other and move around within the lamp’s form). The Hong Kong-based startup’s third product isn’t a tabletop light, however.

Modeled more on the likes of Nanoleaf (although these ones are chunkier and have much more seamless colors and patterns), the Moonside Neon Hex sits on any wall, and can be calibrated to shine in a single or in multiple colors. Moonside’s own marketplace lets you download free preset color patterns (which are shapeshifting), and each light is even equipped with an audio sensor, allowing your light installation to respond to music.

The Moonside Neon Hex is the company’s first modular setup, designed to plug into one another to create a larger installation. The collection is made up of individual Y-shaped members (although Moonside mentions that there may be expansions and newer shapes in the future) that you can join together in absolutely any orientation possible… even around corners!

You can order anywhere from a pack of 3 to a pack of 24, creating a wall-based installation that’s as big or small, or as complex or simplified as you want. The units mount on the wall non-destructively – they support both putty-based and double-sided tape mounting options, so you don’t end up ripping the paint off (or worse, the drywall) while removing your Neon Hex installation.

Once you’ve assembled your Neon Hex together, all it needs is to be plugged in via the USB-C port on the Neon Hex (you just need to plug one in, and the entire installation gets connected through that one source) using the proprietary charging cable with the built-in remote and you’re ready to go. The remote comes with a button that lets you switch the Neon Hex on or off, toggle between lighting modes, and even control the brightness. My one big gripe is that like its previous products, the Neon Hex doesn’t come with a built-in battery, although it does support being plugged into a power bank.

While the Moonside Neon Hex does come with a few built-in presets, where it really, quite literally, shines is when you connect it to your smartphone using the Moonside app. The app lets you remotely switch on/off your Neon Hex, control its brightness, choose from the 16 million hues it has to offer and even browse through Moonside’s large free marketplace of lighting patterns.

The marketplace is easily one of my favorite features on the light, as it effectively holds the power to transform the entire room’s ambiance with its hues, styles, and methodical LED choreographies. The app (which Moonside mentions is getting a massive 2.0 redesign) even lets you connect your light to your smart home, pairing it with Alexa, Siri, Google, and even IFTTT. You can grab a Moonside Neon Hex 3-pack for an early-bird price of $66, and the product begins shipping globally from May 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: 12 packs for $189 $396 ($207 off). Hurry, only 5 left!