Fusing digital media and product design, Hyper(reality) offers an alternative perception of a user’s environment using an augmented reality helment in tandem with the Microsoft Kinect system. This digital experience shifts the user’s perception of their physical surroundings, allowing them to navigate through the 3D environment and encouraging new behavior and interaction within their real environment while immersing them in an entirely new world.

The suit is composed of a helmet with high definition video glasses, an Arduino glove with force sensors that controls the 3D view, and a harness for the kinect sensor. Designed and implemented for museum curation, Hyper(reality) allows the user to experience the architecture and various collections in an immersive and multi-sensory way.  

Designer: Maxence Parache

Hyper(reality) – Helmet making of from Maxence on Vimeo.

Hyper(reality) – Geffrye Museum from Maxence on Vimeo.

Hyper(reality) – The Last Tuesday Society from Maxence on Vimeo.