Japanese Cypress wood diffuser is an electricity-free, natural way to diffuse essential oils

If you’re one of those who love using essential oils, you probably also have different diffusers at home or you’re always on the lookout for a new one. It’s important to keep your house or room smelling like your favorite scent or to have that oil combination handy for your migraine so having a good diffuser is always crucial (well, aside from your actual oils of course. Most of the ones in the market are electrical or battery-powered but if you’re looking for a more “natural” kind of diffuser, this may be something that will interest you.

Designer: vörda

The Japanese Cypress vās wood diffuser doesn’t need any electricity, power, or batteries to diffuse your favorite essential oils. All you need is to put a few drops and wait for it to do its natural “magic”. The design is inspired by the Latin word for a vessel which is vās, normally used to hold flowers. The vās itself is handcrafted from the Japanese hinoki cypress tree, giving you not just a natural oil diffuser but also a decorative object to match your wooden theme if you have one.

The wood diffuser is able to hold the aromas and diffuse them for around 6 hours but after 8 hours, the smell will begin to fade. The large one can diffuse in a room that’s around 100 square feet while the smaller one can diffuse in an 80 square feet area. The hollow cavity where you place the essential oil bottle can fit 10ml containers. You need to add 4-6 drops of the pure essential oil on top and the wood diffuser will be able to absorb them instantaneously.

Since this is a wooden diffuser, there are a few disclaimers. It will be able to diffuse better if you use 100% pure essential oils as the other low-quality and diluted ones will not be as therapeutic or aromatic and may even cause some damage to the wood. If you’ll be using a different scent for your next diffusing, wait 72 hours so the previous scent will completely dissipate. All in all, this is a very appealing kind of diffuser that is also portable and travel-friendly for those times when you need to diffuse outside of your house.