A sustainable modular seating designed for the privacy-stricken post-pandemic workforce

The pandemic has given birth to a seclusion workforce that is now more concerned about safe distancing and privacy. Privacy is more than a buzzword; it is perhaps a necessity these days, especially on open office floors. The workforce is used to private, secluded work life at home; transitioning to the social lifestyle in an open office theme is going to take a while.

For this mindset of post-pandemic office goers, designer Dymitr Malcew has designed what is a flexible, private seating solution. Dymitr is a Singapore-based designer and architect reckoned in the crowd for his human-centric furniture and structures. There have been many future-forward designs of desks and private residences that the designer has idealized over time. But what really stands out in his portfolio – and aligns with the furniture collection in discussion – is the cubicles finished with interactive screens and modular furniture to function as meeting rooms in cramped office spaces.

Designer: Dymitr Malcew

Just personalizing the concept further, Dymitr has arrived at soft upholstered, comfy seating collection to create a private but friendly atmosphere. Dubbed Futo, the furniture collection is designed for DYD. It’s a flexible option that touches the tangent of lounge furniture and blurs the line between hospitality-ready and office furniture. This is reminiscent of its appearance, which first up reminds of the high-back, overpowering furniture common in hotel lobbies. The curvy and preferably organic Futo collection offers users psychological safety (by providing seclusion in space) in addition to snugly comfort.

By offering the workforce flexible office furniture, Futo collection can be used in various configurations. The modularity is backed by sustainable construction and ensures private working zones and common meeting spaces without much fuss of rebuilds. So, it’s a given, that with the Futo – available in vibrant color options – offices will be able to optimize performance and workforce well-being with this one particular furniture collection.