Put That Baby in the Trunk!

OK all you moms… OK all you dads…! Listen up! It’s time you knew about putting your baby in the trunk! The “Trunk Stroller,” that is. Made by design geniousness in Seoul, this stroller folds down to the space you’ve got left over! And when you need to put the baby in it, it comes back up in a jiffy! Now I’ve got a stroller to stroll my baby in, and when I need it back down, it fits in the trunk of my car with plenty of space left for holiday presents!

This stroller is weird at first glance. It’s weird to take basically anything out of a trunk, especially something you’ll be then putting your baby in. But maybe that’s the key! Because a baby is involved, it’s appropriately strange!

I’ve known a few parents in my day and my parents had kids too, so I know a little bit about parenthood and how hectic it can get. When you’re a parent and you hear “hey, I’ve got something to make that baby situation you’ve got there a lot lighter” – you jump on it!

The opportunity I mean, not the baby. The baby belongs in the stroller.

Designers: Park Jungmin and Go Jingwon

Trunk Stroller by Park Jungmin and Go Jingwon