These Mushroom-shaped duplex villas with their own swimming pool offer the ultimate glamping experience

There’s a lot of room in this mush-room…

With a living/recreation room on the lower floor, your private bedroom on the upper floor, a patio beyond the threshold, and an attached swimming pool just off the premises, the Mushroom Villa is a wonderfully idyllic holiday home that gives you a cozy space to unwind in. Located right in the midst of nature, the villa is made entirely from bamboo (one of architect Thilina Liyanage’s signature materials) with terracotta tiles on the roof to keep you cool during the days. Practically cut off from civilization, the villa’s roofs also come dotted with solar panels that help power your glamping experience!

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

The Mushroom Villa is a duplex stay with a living room, patio, bedroom, and a balcony attached to the bedroom. A mushroom-cap-shaped roof on top comes with 14 solar panels that power the villa. An attic exists right above the bedroom ceiling and the mushroom roof, although it isn’t entirely clear whether that space is usable or accessible. Alternatively, one could imagine that’s where the generator/battery and water tank are located.

Designed to comfortably house 2 people, although a child or pet can be included too, the Mushroom Villa stands on a wooden deck, with a swimming pool built into the front half of the platform. There’s ample lighting within and around the villa including on the pool floor too, so you can comfortably enjoy your serene life post-sunset too!