A camper van enveloped by teak creates a cabin where you can be one with nature

If you’re staying in a place that has a great view of the ocean or is in the middle of nature, you probably want to spend a lot of the time outdoors. You would still need a place to sleep in or take shelter if it becomes too hot or it rains of course. But what if the line between your indoors and the beautiful outdoors becomes a little blurred? And if this place is also sustainable then you might have the almost perfect abode.

Designer: Dani Serrano

The Camper House is actually a camper van that has been transformed into a more permanent abode. It’s a cabin that serves as a housing module and was built by just two people on the shores of a rural surfer village in Nicaragua, which is a perfect spot for something like this. They were able to transform the van into a house that you can turn into a room with a view. And they apparently just used a radial arm saw and a drill for this transformation.

If you want to open up your house during daytime (or even night time), you just have to slide open the partition made from teak and fabric to open up the front living space to be one with the ocean or the forest or the landscape. You can also open the windows easily with the ropes and pulleys attached. To protect you from rainy conditions but still experience fresh air and light, it has a pitched, corrugated steel roof top. Inside you get shelves, a table, a bunk bed, a kitchen, and a faucet. At night, when you need to close up, there are hanging paper lanterns for your light source so the camper van looks like a lantern from the outside.

It’s a pretty minimalist house for when you need to experience a few creature comforts while also exposing yourself to the beautiful nature around you. I wouldn’t mind temporarily staying in this for a few days if I just wanted to get away from city life. My only concern would be of course the bathroom situation (although there is an outhouse) and if there are extreme weather conditions while I’m staying there.