This sleek mobile home with a folding awning can extend upto 3x its original size

Recently mobile homes and tiny homes on wheels have become everyone’s preferred living situation, and I mean why wouldn’t they be? They’re economical, flexible, and most of the time quite sustainably built. From a Norwegian wooden tiny home on wheels that was built for the nomadic life to a compact Swedish tiny home on wheels – we’ve seen a lot of innovative and comfortable mobile homes on the market. And one such excellent design to recently join the ranks is the VAYA Mobile Home.

Designer: Svilen Gamolov

The sleek rectangular mobile home instantly draws attention owing to its futuristic aesthetic, and clean white exterior. Designed to be an elegant space for you to live in and spend your everyday moments in VAYA has a compact and comfortable size that can be extended! Amped with a patented unfolding system, Vaya can extend up to two times its original size. And if you choose to utilize the folding awning, it can, in fact, increase to three times its original size! VAYA’s flexibility and modularity make it a great option if you’re constantly moving to different locations, and have a large family.

Besides its flexible nature, VAYA is also pretty eco-friendly. The sleek home on wheels has been equipped with additional solar panels on the roof, as well as smart regulation technology for the energy cycle. The regulation technology is an additional feature, and both these amenities make VAYA an energy-independent vehicle.

A fully functional outdoor kitchen has been integrated into the sheathing of the mobile porch, which starts up electromechanically. The outdoor kitchen ensures no unpleasant odors circulate within the interior of the home and is also pretty convenient. It frees up the home and ensures there is additional space that can be utilized for other purposes. It’s also always fun to grill up something in outdoors!

Although convenience and functionality are two factors that are always focused upon in a mobile home, the designer went one step further and designed VAYA with immense attention to detail, and consciousness. The subtle LED lighting is switched on remotely using motion sensors. The living room has been equipped with a soft corner sofa which transforms into a cozy guest bedroom.

You can choose between different types of materials, color shades, and decorative upholstery – according to your personal preference and taste. VAYA guarantees that only premium quality materials have been utilized while doing up the interiors. Besides VAYA’s functionality and practicality, its aesthetics and impressive exterior and interior win it a bunch of brownie points! Since most practically-designed mobile homes these days tend to focus primarily on convenience rather than details and finesse.