This fully functional Xbox Series X console stands at over six feet tall

Microsoft knows its craft when it comes to marketing its gaming consoles. And it’s clear, they’ve got a real affection for the current generation Xbox Series X and Series S. The Redmond-based tech giant ignited interest with their one-off Xbox Series X fridge revealed at the E3 2021 event, and then they joined forces with premium luggage maker July to create limited-edition Xbox Series S suitcase for hardcore nerds.

No, this one is not the official Microsoft build, but a DIY project by engineer and Youtuber Michael Pick who’s lately obsessed with crafting the world’s biggest gadgets. He teamed up with ZHC to build the world’s largest Xbox Series X gaming console for a good cause. The size of a big refrigerator you’d come across, the DIY project stands towering at 6.82 feet and 3.41 feet wide. If you ever thought the retail version was a bit on the bulkier, this one should bury all your apprehensions for good.

Designer: Michael Pick

Behind the perfect look, there is a real Xbox Series X fitted inside the wooden rig. All the fancy inputs right from the Microsoft logo and the connection ports at the rear are actuated by the Arduino microcontrollers. For instance, pressing the button on the bigger console triggers an input on the hidden console inside courtesy of a motor. Pick invested a lot of time and energy into crafting the curved top using 3D printing technique, and it took him almost two weeks to finish the piece. Even though the top isn’t visible due to the height, according to Pick it brings the build to life. Once the basic crafting of the console got completed, it was passed over to ZHC in Texas where it got a cool custom paint job in a cartoonish sci-fi theme.

Compared to the mini Xbox X fridge which cools down beers, this one is fully functional as a gaming console, its primary intended purpose. By the way, this huge console is well over 600 percent bigger than the real one, and unsurprisingly has a Guinness World Record to its name too. Behind its highly detailed emulated look, the DIY project was ultimately gifted to the Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, GA. The kids were elated to see this cool creation and then, later on, try out the games loaded onto the console. Truly a build worthwhile all the effort!