Xbox Series X-inspired Mini Fridge coming this holiday season, turning the meme into reality!

In November 2020, Microsoft revealed their next-generation gaming console – the Xbox Series X – and it became a part of memes for a very unusual reason. People on social media compared its shape to a fridge, and sportingly, even Microsoft joined in the gag, making a real-sized functional fridge at that time. The one-off Xbox Series X Fridge was given away in an online contest. Now it seems Microsoft has been intrigued by the idea of Xbox Series X being a fridge (or should I say the joke) and wants to take it just beyond a one-off build.

Announced at their E3 2021 event, Microsoft revealed their Xbox Mini Fridge. The cool new appliance carries the tag of “Xbox and Chill” for the current skeptical times we are living in. That is, keep entertained with the next-gen Xbox console and stay chilled with your favorite can of soda during the breaks. Microsoft touts the Xbox-shaped mini-fridge to be the “most powerful mini-fridge” coming to your living room this holiday season. From the teaser reveal video released by Microsoft, the mini-fridge has an Xbox logo on the outside, and on the inside, it has a green ambiance to add a dash of the old Xbox intrigue.

The mini-fridge is powered by the “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture,” keeping it ultra-chilled at all times; paying homage to the Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture that enabled the positioning Series X gaming console to be the most powerful gaming rig out there. By the look of things, the mini-fridge seems to hold around ten cans of beverages at a time and can be used to keep other items cool as well. The best thing is you’ll be able to grab one by the holiday season, and while there is no word yet on this mini-fridge pricing, we know it won’t be a stocking stuffer for sure! The idea already seems to be making waves for reasons good and bad (capitalism, duh!). We’re not entirely thrilled by the idea, as the appliance remains more of a gimmick without any added functionalities, but it may inspire a series of green/RGB light-emitting mini-fridges, and that is something I do find intriguing.

Designer: Microsoft