Don’t Talk To Me, Talk To My Robot

The future of technology simply overwhelms me at times. For instance this Nokia Nia project that designer Sebastian Müller undertook along with the Nokia Research Center in Helsinki. Nia is a robotic communication device that strives to make everyday communication more intuitive. It’s that kinda device that takes care of your e-mails, messages, calls or news instantaneously. It adapts to your needs and executes operations as per your requirements.

It features face recognition thereby providing individualistic services and the visual tags on the display further help in customizing the unit. The interdependent streak of the unit is evident as it is able to charge itself in a “charging shelter” autonomously. The biggest innovation of this concept is the intuitive way of controlling it. Depending upon how far away you are from it, Nia is able to switch between gesture, voice and touchscreen mode in a jiffy. In the touchscreen mode, the robot can be used like a tablet PC for more complex tasks.

To sum it up I think Nia is more like a cross between a robot, comp, phone and an RSS system. Something like The Absent Minded Professor had in his Flubber story. The only difference, this one’s more advanced in its communicative features and will be apt for the gizmo-centric generation.

Designer: Sebastian Müller


  • Carl says:

    Have no clue what this does?

    • M.S.W. says:

      Infering from the provided pictures it appears to be a Nokia version of a verbal/visual on-demand rolling robot. Where you call it and it comes to assist you. Also would assume it treks about the abode to see/hear if anyone needs assistance (kind of like a butler/maid version of iRobot vac)

      • Henrique Staino says:

        And then what does it do to assist you?
        Acts as a coffee-table?

        • M.S.W. says:

          Looking at the size of the thing looks like it’s only big enough to something to trip over. 😉

          But it appears the intended design is like a weird pet like (cell-phone based as infered by it’s SIM card notation)portable data point. Something like a autonomous smartphone.

          Considering it’s small size in height and screen this would best suited for someone with hard wood floors and likes to either sit or lay on said floor. Since one sitting at an average seat height wouldn’t be able to see the screen without leaning over the thing.

  • Miss Scarlet says:

    go to and you will find out it’s clever and can be picked up to use on your lap touch screen-wise or reacts to your gestures when it’s on the floor. And if you’ve ever had to clean a house, who wants carpets anyway?

  • Confucius says:

    it looks like a wash basin?

  • Carl says:

    still have no clue what this does?

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