Modular for the greater good


I can’t speak much for the rural scenario in India, but from what I’ve experienced, it’s quite a cultural shift. There’s a lot of scope for products with multiple functionality, because it’s difficult to own separate products for separate purposes (leading to what is known as the ‘Jugaad’ approach to design and life). Designer Rajshekhar Dass devised the Google Community Vehicle with the aim of having one mode of transport better the lives of the village as a collective. Paired with Google’s Loon Wi-Fi service, the community vehicle can be used as a tractor, an ambulance, and even as a kiosk at the local marketplace. A modular approach means one vehicle serves all. The automobile is built to withstand the rough conditions of rural India, and with internet connectivity, the community vehicle just opens up a wide variety of opportunities.

Designer: Rajshekhar Dass