Tesla Shocks The Internet with A Cybertruck Cat Tray That Could Either Be A Bed Or Litter Box For Your Pet

As much as I love spending time with my own cats, I’m honestly running out of ways to keep them entertained and prevent them from knocking down an item or two in my home, out of sheer boredom. If you’re pretty much in the same precarious situation as me and are always looking for new ways to keep your pet cozy, comfortable, and happy then you may want to check out Tesla’s newest product…a Cybertruck cat tray! Nope, I’m not kidding, a $13 Tesla Cybertruck Corrugated Cat House is really available for sale on the Chinese version of the Tesla website!

Designer: Tesla

Measuring 56x41x25cm, the cat tray is inspired by the angular shape of the Tesla’s electric pickup truck, although to be quite honest there’s nothing really techy or cyber about the tray – it is a simple cardboard box. It is said to have a futuristic shape and is embedded with thick corrugated paper, allowing it to serve as a multifunctional space for your cat to move around and lounge about in.

Although there are a few disputes on the internet, since the URL of the product page states ‘cat house’, while the product description says ‘multi-functional cat nest’ when translated to English from Chinese. So, many people are assuming it’s a cat tray or bed, while some say it could be a litter box. But, multiple images on the Internet show, that most of the kitties out there prefer to use it as their personal little bed to cuddle up in.

The cat bed can support up to 15kgs, so it can accommodate cats of various breeds and sizes. It has been constructed from various layers of moisture-proof corrugated paper, making the bed resistant to moisture. You need to install the cat bed by yourself since it is DIY, and once the product has been folded and installed, it cannot be returned unless there is an issue with the quality. Whether your cat uses it for sleeping, scratching, or pooping, the Cat House does seem like a functional although quirky product from Tesla, and we wonder what was brewing in their heads when they came up with this one!