Gameboy-inspired MagSafe powerbank gives up to 10000mAh extra power

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Designer

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Design

It looks like the MagSafe connector system is here to stay. We believe it will be until Apple says otherwise or there is a new technology available. This MagSafe system offers easy connectivity and wireless charging for Apple gadgets. It allows many devices from the brand to be more accessible, convenient, and efficient to use. There are plenty of MagSafe-compatible products, but there are few power banks available. We may have seen a few already but nothing like this MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank with its 10000mAh capacity. Introduced by Neo Bie and Leigui Lui for Stylepie, this thing aims to improve the wireless charging and power bank experience for anyone.

Designers: Leigui Li and Neo Bie

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Details

The MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank will remind you of an old Gameboy for its shape and design. It features the usual four operation buttons: SELECT, START, A, B, and a d-pad (directional pad). The lower part of the yellow powerbank has a cover that slides to work as the stand of the powerbank. There is also an LCD screen that shows basic information like date, time, battery level, or charging status.

Unlike the Gameboy, this one has a thin body but is sturdy enough to hold a smartphone. From a different angle, we can see the accessory looking as if there are several layers of cards. On one side, there are small LED lights that show the battery level. This is mainly a power bank but unlike the others, this one can stand on its own and can hold a phone at a safe and convenient angle.

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Details

You see, the MagSafe’s return and reinvention result from the arrival of new iPhone models beginning with the iPhone 12. The MagSafe accessories suddenly became an instant hit after several years, primarily because of the magnetic mechanism. There is something novel about things sticking to your phone, and like most charging pads, this can also work with Apple gadgets like the Airpods or the Apple Watch.

There is a MagSafe accessory just for your every need, and we recently shared with you the Top 10 Apple MagSafe accessories we know. But, of course, we won’t forget that Momax Q.Mag Power 8 transparent MagSafe wireless power bank that was released on the market a few months ago. Neo Bie also previously introduced a dual-duty MagSafe power bank that has got you covered as made possible by the double capacity compared to other conventional MagSafe devices.

The designers developed a new stand structure using a combination of leather, magnets, and iron. Beyond the aesthetics, this wireless charging station can offer up to 10000mAh of power for most of your MagSafe-compatible gadgets. The newly-designed MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank for Stylepie can also be compared with the MAG.T MagSafe Phone Case for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, also from Stylepie. The brand has been offering different mobile accessories like the iMac G4 MagSafe charger + stand, and we know more related products will be introduced.

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Rating

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Designer