Magical Transformatron Boxes from Space!

This project right here is called “Boxetti.” It’s a series of box-like forms that transform into everything you could ever want in a single piece of furniture. There are five different boxes you can choose from, or if you’re totally into this, choose them all: bedroom, sofa, office, television, and kitchen. I would NOT mind having any one of these in my giant beachside penthouse.

Boxetti_Private is the bedroom model: it folds down into a double bed, a nightstand, and a wardrobe. The bed is lifted automatically by remote control, and has ambience lighting as well as a spotlight. The wardrobe is made up of six sections for all your bedroom thangs needs.

Boxetti_Lounge is the sofa: it can act as a couch with the two coffee tables pulled out, or it can be a giant table. With both options, several surfaces can be folded out from the sides for more workspace.

Boxetti_Practice is the office: Manual foldaway desk top with drawers, bookshelves, chill-niche for a nice sit, and optional finishing with leather or other fabrics.

Boxetti_Thrill is the tv: it’s a full entertainment center of course, with gigantic fold-out hi-fi speakers. An automatic HAFELE lift system brings the TV up, the TV is flat and 46″, High Standart 7.1ch Reciever and basic BluRay player. Also enclosed storage space for 8tracks and VHS — OR DVDs of course.*

*The Thrill does not have 8track or VHS capability.

Boxetti_Lunch is the kitchen: island unit from heaven has a sink, tap, infinite drawers, oak tree cutting board, built-in LED spotlight, two bar seats, space for built-in fridge, and a nice shiny exterior.

And you know what the best part is?

The demo picture has The Fifth Element playing on the TV.


Designer: Rolands Landsbergs

Boxetti by Rolands Landsbergs