Dual-tip pens lets you “draw” curve shapes and patterns

I love collecting all kinds of pens, although truth be told, I don’t use all of them that much other than for journaling. My handwriting and drawing skills are not that great so sometimes I long to have pens that can do the drawing for me as that talent seems to have evaded me. These pens from manufacturer Aechy are not the magical pens that I’m looking for but they may be the closest I can get to having something do all the drawing work for me.

Designer: Aechy

Dual-tipped pens are not something new. I own a lot of them. But these ones from Aechy called Colored Curve Pens are pretty unique in that the other end doesn’t just write for you but lays down a pattern to help you decorate your journal or notebook without having to write down all the patterns. One end is the usual 0.4mm fine-tip but the other side is where it gets pretty magical. The curve marker, which also has a 0.4mm tip lets you lay down patterns like waves, heart-rose, flowers, dots, and dashes.

Basically what you get is a stamp-like roller that you can use for your journaling, doodling, drawing, scrapbooking, or any other paper-related tasks. The dual-tip markers come in 8 different colors and five mark line types. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a specific color for a specific pattern so you’ll have to make do with the options that they have. The pens have a soft grip and should glide smoothly across the page. It also has 40% more ink than the brand’s regular pens and is able to give you longer mark lines.

The Colored Curve Pens use acid-free and non-toxic ink and they promise that it will not smear, fade, or skip. In my experience with various brands and their pens, that promise doesn’t always translate but let’s see if this one will deliver. Well, that is if I can actually get my hands on these since it seems to be out of stock already. In any case, the variants of these pens include: Wavy-Red, Heart-Rose Red, Flower-Orange, Wavy-Green, Dotted-Purple, Dashed-Yellow, Flower-Pink, and Dotted-Blue.