This carry along desk caddy for flexible work environment is just what I need

Carrying your online work-life around strikes the first image of a laptop. But what if you carry around all your desk’s productive elements more often than not without getting overwhelmed. Things like your business card holder, office stationery, mobile device stands and more.

Such a product makes even more sense when you have to jockey around between working from home, your office, or randomly going to your buddy’s place for a productive night’s work. Gustav mobile desk caddy coincides with these foreseen work situations, and fits perfectly into anyone’s lifestyle. The accessory is your laptop stand for work from anywhere regime with an organized set of everyday tools to feel right at home.

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The desk caddy is built in a way to keep the design compact while neatly keeping everything in place. You just have to store things in this caddy and take it anywhere without much fuzz. Then, when you need to have the right ergonomic setup, all you have to do is take out the laptop and phone, place them on the respective stand, and get started seamlessly. The laptop orientation can be toggled, depending on the standing work position or sitting one. Also, things like the pencil stand, portable keyboard and mouse can be put inside the caddy.

Unlike traditional desk organizers, this one falls right in the domain of today’s work culture, and the need for quickly moving from one work setup to the other. All this while maintaining an ergonomic form factor and a balanced, lightweight design.