Mac Nano is a Mac Mini-style, powerful computer packed in a Magic Keyboard

It’s not usual in 2023 for a complete personal computer to be built in a typical Mac Keyboard. If something like that has to become a reality, it would be called the Mac Nano and would look pretty nifty and compact; the workforce working from home would like to adapt.

Ease of use and affordability are two keywords of the generation that has been living and working from the confines of their home. For this population, the Mac Nano may not particularly be an affordable proposition, it surely will be an effortless and outright portable way to work.

Designer: Le KBM

In that vein, the Mac Nano is a Mac Mini-style, powerful computer packed into a Magic Keyboard. The basic layout of the keyboard starts with the revival of the TouchBar, which Apple aficionados supposedly were missing for a reason they know best.

For computing prowess, the eventfully designed keyboard is supercharged by Apple’s own, super impactful M2 chip. As mentioned, it features a large TouchBar on the top, which is enhanced with Taptic Engine to relay tactile feedback based on your touch intensity.

A personal computer without advanced security is a sitting duck. Understandably then, the keyboard comes with Touch ID for privacy. The Mac Nano features 2TB SSD for storage, 24GB of unified memory and comes with 8 hours of battery life for an uninterrupted day of work.

The wireless keyboard is equipped with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity. For audiophiles, the slim Mac Nano has 4 speakers with spatial audio and a microphone jack. Connecting the computing device to a display is made possible with Airplay and 2 thunderbolt and as many USB 4 ports. A lone USB 3 port also helps with connectivity.

With magnetic TrackPad on the side, the Mac Nano is programmed to also connect your iPhone as TrackPad. Considering the plug-and-play and portability of the Mac Nano keyboard, it is a neat option for students or the work-from-home generation who might be having a hard time working on traditional PCs and laptops.