Volvo, The Local Project presents a brand-new idea of travel and leisure for urban nomads

People are embracing tiny lifestyle far quicker and more aggressively than ever before. This movement has picked up pace especially during the pandemic when remote working has become a new normal. People are now investing in campers and tiny homes to lead a city-esque, comfortable life in remote locations. To cater to this generation of urban nomads, a designer has conceived Volvo, The Local Project.

Well, the name basically gives out a clear idea of the project being linked to automotive giant Volvo. Perhaps, the involvement is not limited to name, the designer has even drawn cues from the Swedish manufacturer to realize the interiors and optimally use the limited space available. Thriving on Volvo’s design language is one aspect, the Local Project is conceived with the vision to create a balanced lifestyle of urban and rural life. So, the contraption is packed and tailored with posh amenities to ensure residents don’t feel the change from their luxury homes and can settle in the Local Project irrespective of where it is stationed.

Designer: Oscar Holm Wastesson

The project’s divided into two elements: A light edition camper van (ideally a Volvo at the base), and a shared cabin network meant to be set up at various different locations. The idea of this compilation is simple. To allow and user to explore and understand the quality of life of wherever the journey leads to. Even though the Local Project camper van does not foray into the rugged domain of reinforced Mercedes off-road camper nor do the cabins display stripped down ergonomics of this all-back mini home; these are designed in the league of their own where things start at the exquisite wooden interiors and lead to a uniformity of lodging, ensuring – at no point in the journey – you are devoid of the city lifestyle.

To that accord, the camper has an immaculately laid out form factor with a seat for the couple in a cockpit and a luxurious double bed at the back that can conveniently flip to create an office space. This is a single room on wheels – “embodying the Volvo mission of freedom to move” – but ties the occupants to city dwelling even through their transit from home to a Local Project cabin in the countryside. At the pre-set cabin, users are aware to expect the obvious luxuries, unlike the surprises in countryside vacation rentals. With this approach to tourism, Volvo, The Local Project ensures the residents can explore the locale with utmost curiosity, least niggles and complaints about logging in the home away from home.