Heirloom Thermos combines Chinese cultural heritage and advanced insulation technology

Heirloom Thermos Details

Not many people realize this, but thermos technology isn’t really simple. Sure, you can just easily buy stainless steel water bottles from stores, but not all are made the same.

Talking about thermos is always about the outside form. It’s also mainly about insulation because it keeps liquid hot or cold inside. But, of course, it helps that Chinese technology is becoming more advanced now, so we’re not surprised about what the Heirloom Thermos can promise and deliver.

Designer: Shenzhen Yiyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

Colors of Heirloom Thermos

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The Heirloom Thermos is more advanced compared to other standard vacuum thermoses. It comes with Chinese aesthetics and boasts more advanced specs. The pure titanium liner is 0.15mm, which is about as thin as an A4 paper. In addition, the titanium material appears more durable as it can preserve freshness and even prevent odors.

Heirloom Thermos Production

Concept Heirloom Thermos

Bringing a water bottle or thermos is sustainable as it reduces the use of plastic bottles. It helps eliminate plastic globally, so it’s an easy and good start to becoming more environment-friendly. In China, drinking warm liquid is a thing, so a thermos or insulated bottle is a need.

The Heirloom Thermos is a thermos flash that marries innovation, design, and Chinese-style handwork. This comes with oriental aesthetics and yet is still ideal to use for modern everyday life. At first glance, it looks like any ordinary thermos, but this one is improved in many ways. It boasts an innovative stopper with an integrated thermometer. The latter allows you to check the inside temperature to ensure the liquid is always warm and perfect for drinking. The cover of the thermos comes with a magnetic suction, so it’s easy to close or open. It also works as a cup to always be ready to drink wherever you are.

Heirloom Thermos Parts

Heirloom Thermos Features

Red Heirloom Thermos

The Heirloom Thermos received an Honorable Mention at last year’s DIA. It has showcased the beauty of innovation and heritage together. Finally, you have this important object that allows you to carry traditions and, at the same time, has improved technology.

Just reading about the description of the Heirloom Thermos, you’d think the technology is complicated because of the mention of having 78 parts. However, a version also shows off China’s cultural heritage—the porcelain woven bamboo weaving. This folk handicraft is used as a cover for the heirloom pot, following the shape of the thermos. It actually looks like a cheongsam with its simple yet elegant form.

Heirloom Thermos Innovation

Heirloom Thermos

Heirloom Thermos Colors

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Red Heirloom Thermos

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