Tdot Braille Keyboard is compact, lightweight, and convenient to use

The Design Intelligence Awards (DIA 2022) is happening soon, and we cannot wait to learn about new and innovative designs to grace the consumer market. Of course, not all designs will probably make it big, but every design has potential because every project that becomes a finalist is intelligently designed.

Last year, the Tdot Braille Keyboard was introduced as a special keyboard for the visually impaired. While the available braille keyboards are ready, they can be very expensive. Most of them are also heavy and not that convenient to use. The T-Dot enters the game by offering a lightweight experience at an affordable price.

Designer: KunYoong IBC

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Tdot Braille Keyboard Features

Tdot Braille Keyboard IF Design Award

Thanks to the modified Perkins-type structure, the T-Dot Braille Keyboard weighs only 59g and comes with a comfortable grip. The structure now is T-fold which allows the device to be smaller. In addition, it comes with one jog wheel and 12 input keys, resulting in enhanced navigation. Users are expected to type with more convenience now and added speed.

Like most Braille keyboards, this one offers convenience and portability. You don’t have to bring a heavy accessory as the T-Dot is very compact. It is one revolutionary design that the visually impaired will love.

Tdot Braille Keyboard

T-Dot isn’t just compact as it also looks trendy with all the different colors available. Moreover, with its size, you can easily wear one around your neck to bring it everywhere with you. It was also recognized at the Design Intelligence Awards and is now available in the market.

Tdot Braille Keyboard Demo

Tdot Braille Keyboard Colors DIA

Ease of use is offered because it automatically switches to a letter as soon as you type Braille on the keyboard. This lets you type characters right on your computer, smartphone, or tablet with the T-Dot keyboard. It works over Bluetooth connectivity so the connection is pretty reliable. You can also use “voice” to enter screen contents or input braille. Other notable features include Braille input, reverse braille translation, track point, and screen-control function. The device is compatible with Mac, iOS, MS, and Android.

Tdot Braille Keyboards

Tdot Braille Keyboard How it Works

You can purchase the Folding Type Braille Input Bluetooth Keyboard for Blind (Tdot) in different key regions like Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and online HERE. And if you have similar ideas and designs, you may want to present them at the DIA 2022. Click here to enroll for the 2022 Design Intelligence Awards FOR FREE!

Tdot Braille Keyboard Colors

Tripod Folding Bluetooth Braille Input

Folding Type Braille Input Bluetooth Keyboard for Blind(Tdot)