Sustainably made geometric hanging chair gives you a peaceful zen zone within your home or office

“A levitating sphere, a focus capsule, a refuge for the senses” are just a few of the things Ivo Andric prefers to call his design rather than simply a ‘hanging chair’. After all, the Iko doesn’t look or feel like your traditional chair. Designed like a nest of a weaverbird, this little hanging cocoon provides a neat enclosed space for you to lounge in, allowing you to take a reclusive break right within your home. The chair is shaped like an icosahedron (hence the name Iko), creating a geometric dynamism that complements most home decor, and comes with plush cushions and felt-lined acoustic-panel walls to give you comfort and quiet whenever you want!

Designer: Ivo Andric

Iko is made using a few well-curated materials. Its outer frame is crafted from wooden elements that are machine-made and surface-treated by hand, with metal rod internal cores. The rods provide rigidity, the wood gives Iko its classy appeal, and finally, the negative tringular spaces are filled with wool-covered acoustic panels that absorb sound. Even the upholstery on the inside is made from wool, and is filled with grain husk. Finally, the Iko is ready to be hung vertically using the hemp ropes it comes with. Almost every aspect of the Iko (barring the metal) is designed with natural materials, making Iko a wonderfully sustainable and fun piece of furniture to have in your home or office!

Iko is a Silver winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.