Breathtaking forest observation deck is designed to look like a massive moose head

With the moose’s antlers providing the perfect platform for people to perch on as they safely observe nature, Thilina Liyanage’s Alaska Moose Observation Deck is a wonderful example of nature-inspired design at its best.

Liyanage is no stranger to biomimicry and design. The Sri Lankan designer has worked extensively on architectural projects that directly and indirectly interpret natural cues. The Alaska Moose Observation Deck assumes the shape of a moose-head, with the face providing a unique facade that has a staircase within it, leading up to the two elevated decks. The decks sit atop the moose’s horns, offering a stunning view of the forest up ahead, while at the same time being an incredibly eye-catching and iconic piece of architecture even when viewed down from below.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

Liyanage’s creation, like a lot of his past work, relies predominantly on wood. The wood provides the perfect set of physical properties for his organic designs. It’s easy to mold, curve, sand, finish, and join together to create any curvilinear shape. If treated and polished well, it also provides a wonderful natural finish to your final design without needing any coating of paint.

The split observation deck is accessible by a single staircase that forks in two at the end. While the overall design doesn’t look pretty stable, it’s held in place by a set of cables that pin it to the ground like a massive tent. Big enough to comfortably hold 10 people on each side, the deck offers a stellar, panoramic view of the forest it’s situated in… and even comes with lights that glow as the sun sets, turning the observation deck into a massive art installation!