Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion by Zaha Hadid

British star architect Zaha Hadid has chosen glass fiber concrete from Austrian company Rieder to cover the 275 meters long Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion, symbol of the Expo 2008 in the northern spanish Zaragoza: she will envelope the outer skin of the building with 29,000 triangles in diverse grey nuances out of fibreC (a new innovative sustainable material). The new bridge over the river Ebro is entrance to the Expo area and at the same time multi-level exhibition area; 10,000 visitors per hour will frequent the main building of the world exhibition.

Designer: Zaha Hadid [ Press Release in PDF: Rieder ]


  • Sabina says:

    Thank you for posting about this bridge, I live in Zaragoza and was stunned to see an article about my city while browsing through the old posts. The impressive bridge is still under construction, I haven’t seen anything yet that resembles the shape of the final work, so they better hurry up, the exhibition is being held next year! Probably one of the few positive things the event is going to leave us.


  • its a beautiful design. But looking at this makes me think “The aliens have landed”. it looks very out of place in that beautiful natural environment.

    • onesam says:

      how is that any different from any other man-made bridge? Even if it were made of timber or stone, it would still be a very unnatural object in that environment.

  • vhiz says:


  • concept design says:


  • Barcelona says:

    That’s real architecture!
    Nice project. Hope walk on next summer.

    Regards from Barcelona

  • Langa says:


  • Cactusdesign says:

    i think is lot expensive 🙁

  • Cactusdesign says:

    i think is lot expensive 🙁

  • tenzin dorji says:

    nic design and i wish i could lyk her………m too architect std………..wel done………….!!!!!!!!

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