This cleverly designed cooling lid brings your hot Starbucks coffee to the perfect sipping temperature

Many a tongue has fallen victim to the deceptive travel mug lid. Mine too. KØLINGSIP™ hopes to change that.

Pronounced ‘Cooling Sip’, the KØLINGSIP™ is a travel mug with a remarkably simple and clever lid that radically cools down hot beverages to a sip-friendly temperature. Designed so that you don’t accidentally burn your tongue while drinking a beverage, and don’t have to wait for 20 minutes till it’s at the right drinking temperature, KØLINGSIP™’s unique patented lid helps rapidly cool down the beverage you’re sipping. It also queues up your next sip every time you tilt the mug over, so you can enjoy your hot tea or coffee at a temperature that’s just right. Goldilocks would approve.

Designer: Dr. Stig Peitersen, M.D.

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The KØLINGSIP™’s user experience can be split into two distinct parts – the beverage-holding mug, and the innovative cooling lid. The KØLINGSIP™ mug is a handy 20oz stainless steel travel thermos that keeps your hot drinks hot for hours, so you’re never stuck with an insipid, room-temperature beverage. However, given that this hot drink isn’t necessarily safe for direct consumption, the KØLINGSIP™’s lid cools down small drinkable portions of liquid at a time, taking it from painfully hot to enjoyably hot.

Tip & Sip – The only lid that regulates the temperature of every sip.

KØLINGSIP™’s lid works differently from your usual sipper lid on your everyday Starbucks mug. Made from silicone and aluminum, the KØLINGSIP™’s lid contains and cools each sip. Think of it like drinking soup from a soup spoon – instead of directly drinking from your bowl, you take a small spoonful, cool it down, and sip it. This is pretty much how KØLINGSIP™ works. Tilting the KØLINGSIP™ away from you ‘loads’ a sip into its cooling reservoir, and tilting it towards you lets you drink it, one sip at a time. Each sip is perfectly cooled, and the tight lid ensures you don’t accidentally spill anything on yourself. What about when you’re just drinking something that’s at a normal drinkable temperature? Just twist the KØLINGSIP™ lid and it lets liquid flow freely through, enabling direct drinking (instead of that tilting rigmarole).

KØLINGSIP™’s patented design takes a simple approach to solving an unnecessary problem. It’s 2022, why are people still burning their faces drinking hot coffee, right?! By bringing the ‘soup-spoon’ method to drinking beverages, KØLINGSIP™’s designers ended up making a clever solution that just works. Tilt to cool and drink, twist to direct drink. Your hot beverage stays hot, and the silicone lid makes it easy to travel with your KØLINGSIP™.

KØLINGSIP™ is made from recycled materials and is designed to be reusable and dishwasher safe. The innovative cooling lid attaches to most standard 3.5-inch diameter travel mugs, although if you buy the KØLINGSIP™ through its crowdfunded campaign, you also get the bespoke 20oz insulated beverage tumbler to complete your set. You can use the KØLINGSIP™ with all traditionally hot beverages from teas and coffees to hot cocoa, mulled wine, or warm beer if you live in a country where that’s a socially acceptable thing. A thin soup even, if you’re Goldilocks.

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $49 (30% off). Hurry, only 7 left!